What is Click Through Rate and Why CTR is Important

The click-through rate, is the ratio between the number of clicks and the number of views.


The ratio between the number of page views and the number of clicks on a given link.

In Online marketing Click-through rate is recognized as a key performance indicator in . CTR is used to measure the effectiveness of banner ads.

What is a Good CTR?

A good CTR indicates a good relevance of the advertiser’s advertising.

Why is Click Through Rate is Important?

when attempting to reach your target audience the Click-through rate shows you what works and what doesn’t.

A low CTR may symbolize that you are not targeting the precise audience or that you are not practicing their language convincingly quite to get them to click.

Measuring the click-through rate is one way to understand the interests of your target audience. Indeed, it indicates in real-time the performance and interest of a visitor as a result. This makes it easier to know what works and what does not for advertisements, announcements, etc.

The CTR cannot provide any knowledge on the actual success of a marketing campaign. Many advertisers tend to ignore this reality. Therefore, it is hard to predict the result of AdWords and Facebook campaigns.

Nevertheless, CTR is an important KPI for online marketing analysis.
In particular:

  • Does an eye-catching banner produce more further clicks than a plain banner with a direct message?
  • Is your brand-new promotion concept getting more further consideration than the old one?
  • Does the advertisement displayed on a given website bring more visitors than on another site?

Why Is It Important To Calculate Your Click-Through Rate (CTR)?

Take the example of a paid search advertising campaign that leads people to your website. The click-through rate of an online ad lets you know how efficient the ad is in bringing potential customers to your website.

To optimize advertising campaigns on search engines, the CTR also tells you the steps which you have to take.

CTR is asserting itself as a preliminary indicator to the deployment of a marketing strategy.

There are several ways to increase CTR and conversion rate. The methods include the use of personalized advertising, tailored to different target groups, as well as a selection of relevant landing pages.

Here Are Four Choices For Your CTR To Improve:

Try to avoid broad targeting. Go with Exact Match

For the better CTRs, your ads are would have matched to the keywords.

Add ad extensions – These will complement your ads because extensions will assist secure your ads more visible.

Take advantage of the “Rich Snippets”.

The average click-through rate on AdWords paid search ads is about 2%. Therefore, anything over 2% can be considered an above-average CTR By Wordstream

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