5 Tips To Improve Your Ad Position In Google Ads

Tips to Improve Your Ad Position In Google Ads

Firstly, Getting your ad to the No 1 spot on Google’s search engine results page is something we all expect. Sometimes, regrettably, it requires spending a lot on bids to tackle the competition. This can improve your overall costs!

Secondly, Imagine you are having the precise amount of budget to run your Google ad campaigns, yet all of it goes in vain because you have not structured an optimized plan to bid money perfectly.


Having a better ad position can have a magnificent impact on the outcome of your PPC campaign. So in this article, we are going to see how ad position works and how you can improve them.

The benefit of Google AdWords over organic marketing is, the number of visitors it leads in a short period. If a company needs to immediately advertise its products or services, Google AdWords can be the best marketing platform to improve conversion. It assists you to target the appropriate customers at the appropriate time.

CPM: Cost Per Thousand is the amount you pay per thousand impressions that you receive, despite the number of clicks you get.

CPC: The price you pay for each click.

CPV: Advertisers pay for every unique user view of ads.

Ad position determines the ad rank. Ad Rank is the rate that is based on 3 parameters –

  1. Bids
  2. Quality Score
  3. Expected Impact of ad extensions and another ad format.

How are ads ranked?

The highest-ranked ad gets the first ad position. However, securing the first spot is not just a case of increasing your bid. 

Google looks at 2 key factors to decide where your ad ranks:

  • 1. Maximum bid 
  • 2. Quality score
  • 3.Ad ranks worked out by multiplying the quality score by the bid. 

Tips to Improve Your Ad Position In Google Ads

Relevant Ad Extensions Will Improve Your Ad Position In Google Ads

Bidding more extra is the most obvious way to increase your ad rank. But nobody requires to spend more on only clicks.

Not when it affects your bottom line, your acquisition costs.

Instead, concentrate on creating more relevant ads

If you are practicing ad extensions that don’t match your CTA, you can risk that ad extension engagement will below.

Improving Your Quality Score

Impression share advances up or down 9% for every 1 point rise or drops in Quality Score. So essentially if you don’t have a great QS, your ads won’t show up on the SERP much. What’s the case in creating ads no one is going to see?

You Need a great Quality Score so you get clicks for as cheap as possible. 

The ad rank formula is: Ad Rank = CPC bid × Quality Score

How to improve your quality score and Tips to Improve Your Ad Position In Google Ads

Why you should improve your quality score well ?

it turns out that quality score has an immediate influence on your ad position it’s going to affect your cost per action and overall campaign performance 

Why Ad Quality Matters?

• A more excellent quality score reduces your CPC 

• Higher is the ad rank. if the quality score is High

Make Relevant Ads will Improve Your Ad Position In Google Ads

Clickthrough rate is the most important part of the Quality Score. If your ad is poor, no one will click it.

A low click-through rate indicates people aren’t reacting to your ad.

The other cause for a low click-through rate is that the ad is not related to an appropriate keyword. This happens when you have several catchwords in a single ad group. 

Distribute your campaign into smaller ad groups so that the ads in each group apply to all the words therein. 

Including a Strong Call-to-Action

A strong CTA will lead users to click when they view your ad, improving the CTR and conversion rate of your campaign. 

Use Emotional Triggers In Your Ads

People often anticipate immediate satisfaction in many aspects of their lives, even if they are negative. The feeling of urgency in your message always delivers people get this right now. It is necessary to include words like today, now, within 24 hours, instant access, etc. 

Check what your competitors are working on – if you found them using emotional marketing. You can take over their ideas and make them even great. 

Connect emotional benefits with an image.

Every decision your customer does consists of emotions. The key to success in any business is a knowledge of psychology and human behavior.

Very Specific Ad Group

Single Keyword Ad Groups: A single keyword down into three match types: 

  • modified broad
  • phrase
  • exact. 

Although it requires a lot of effort.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion: An Adwords feature, Alters ad text to reflect keywords in users’ search queries. A powerful choice for those with a large ad campaign

Create tight ad groups.  When an ad group has higher than 20 keywords, you can reasonably split it up a bit more

It usually is important to use the keyword in the ad.

Rid of low-Quality Score keywords, either one with lots of impressions or the long tail because that can add up to a substantial piece of your account’s overall traffic.

Another way to increase relevance and CTR is by testing ad copy try different calls to action to see what brings more clicks.

Try various ad formats, images, and copy to understand what ads work best across the board. 

The more extra tests you run, the more immeasurable you can tune your campaigns.

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