5 myths about email marketing

This Article We Will Discuss about 5 Myths about Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the use of email to advertise and promote products or services while acquiring relationships with potential customers.

Firstly Email Marketing is the Digital Marketing strategy that has the highest return on investment. 

The best thing is that it is valid for any sector. it is not surprising that Email Marketing has become the fashionable strategy and that the number of companies that sign up for it becomes unstoppably year after year.

However, like any other marketing strategy, it’s not just concerning getting on and off. You need to follow the correct way.

Let see 5 Myths about Email Marketing

MYTH 1: The More Subscribers You Have, The Better

No matter how little you have read about Email Marketing, you have surely heard this phrase many times.

The More Subscribers You Have, The Better

This is a very serious belief because it is so easy to give it credit. The more people my emails receive, the more likely you are to sell. In short, by building a list with many subscribers, you will have already traveled half the way to success.

Nothing is further from reality.

Memorize this: A small but active subscriber list will bring you more sales than a huge, impersonal list that no one interacts with.

MYTH 2: Having a High Open-Rate is Your Main Goal

To analyze the success or performance of an Email Marketing campaign, you have to take into account several metrics. And, of course, the open rate is one of the most important metrics that you have to take into account.

Focusing exclusively on open rates to measure the success of your strategy is not a good idea.

The most important metric, the one that counts, is the conversion rate of your campaigns.

In summary: How much have I spent and how much have I earned with each shipment I make?

MYTH 3: Send Your Emails Only at the Best Time Of The Day

Email Marketing is all about sending the right email to the right person at the right time.

Ok, The real Question is

“what is the best day or the best time to send your emails?”

I am not going to analyze here if the best day is Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday night. And I’m not going to do it because the reality is that there is no universal answer to this question.

The reality is that the best time to send your emails depends on the sector you are dedicated to. And not only that but within each sector, it also depends on each target audience.

So the only way to know when is the best time to email your list is through trial and error. Do different tests and measure the results. You will see how you improve the ROI of your campaigns.

MYTH 4: Your Emails Should Be Short

This myth has its origin in the fact that people find it increasingly difficult to keep their attention on a single thing for a long time. We receive so much stimulation at all times that is focused has become a luxury available to a few.

Therefore, it seems that the most logical option from the point of view of Email Marketing is that the emails you send are as short as possible.


Of course, a short email can be very effective. But we cannot conclude that only short emails are effective.

MYTH 5: Automations are Impersonal

Most people associate automation with something executed by machines or robots. But this belief is not applicable when we talk about automation with Email Marketing.

In essence, Email Marketing automation is nothing more than systematizing the sending of personalized emails. And, contrary to what it may seem, there is nothing impersonal about it.

If you define your strategy well, you can add many personal touches to an email. From the name of each of your recipients to specific content based on their preferences. Thus, you will ensure that, although the emails are sent automatically, your subscribers respond to them or carry out the actions that interest you in them.

I Guess You Understand the 5 Myths about Email Marketing

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